The Competition

The “Air Cargo Challenge” is an international competition that takes place every two years, destined to the academic community of the Engineering or Science and Technologies areas, the main objective is to design and build an RC controlled aircraft that can fly with the highest possible payload according with the rules established in the competition regulations. The Air Cargo can be an excellent learning activity, given the opportunity that the contestants have to apply the knowledge received in their academies.

The team’s score is not only given by the performance demonstrated in the flight competition part, but also by the technical quality of the project, through the evaluation of the design report and drawings. The event´s first edition was organized by the APAE: Associação Portuguesa de Aeronáutica e Espaço (Portuguese Association of Aeronautics and Space). It took place in the Ota Air Base in Lisbon, in October 2003. From Air Cargo Challenge 2007, the competition grew to an international level under the umbrella of the EUROAVIA, european aerospace students association and the winning team got the option of organizing the next edition. The last Air Cargo Challenge was held in Stuttgart, August 2011, organized by the AKAModell Stuttgart together with the EUROAVIA Stuttgart.  UBI was the winner of this last event. So, it is organizing, after the successful 2009 edition, the Air Cargo Challenge by the second time.

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